Bespoke Solutions

Cyber Security Policy Creation Services

Whether you are looking for a Risk Management Policy or a Personal Identifiable Information (PII) Policy, let us deliver a templated document tailored to your specific needs.

Government Grant Application Services

Once again, utilising one of our industry specialists, let us remove the pain and bureaucracy of applying for this complex and confusing initiative.

Business Impact Assessments (BIA’s)

Let us determine and evaluate the potential effects of an interruption to your critical business operations. It is an essential component of your organisation’s business continuity plan (BCP).


Virtual Chief Information Security Officer – many organisations cannot spare or afford a dedicated resource for this specific and unique role. So, from as little as one day a month let us provide this resource on your behalf.

Cyber Insurance Reviews

Utilising one of our cyber industry veterans, we can review your insurance policy at a minimal cost. At totalCyber we’re even prepared to look at a risk/reward model, ensuring you maximise savings for your organisation.

Penetration & Phishing Testing Services

Working with our trusted partner network and as part of our Cyber Leadership Solution, we can provide mitigation services tailored to your specific needs. Please reach out to the team for further information.