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Cyber Education

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totalCyber has partnered with Living Security, which is a leading provider of security awareness solutions for government and enterprise customers across the globe. Founded in Austin, Texas, Living Security officially launched in 2017 and is a trusted cyber awareness training platform for organisations of all sizes and cyber risk profiles. Along with modular online user training, their Cyber Escape platform leverages gamified learning with live-action immersive storylines, role-based micro modules, and reporting including human risk scoring.

totalCyber has wrapped the Living Security awareness training modules and Cyber Escape Room exercises into an ongoing service for clients that include executive engagement and ongoing reporting for a complete awareness and education solution. Click on logos for more information:

Face to Face / Online

Escape Rooms


Managed Solution

Due to the COVID-19 impact on workplaces, where possible the services will be provided remotely. This includes the escape rooms and executive briefing session; however, an on-site component is recommended. totalCyber will work with clients depending on restrictions in place at the point of engagement.


The format for the Cyber Escape Room exercises is up to 10 staff with a trained facilitator. Participants can join individually, online or in a group workshop format. total Cyber will work with the customer to determine which staff members will be invited to attend the exercises. During the exercises, teams will work together to solve puzzles while learning cybersecurity fundamentals.


All client staff members will be provided with a login to the training portal and access to their assigned modules and quizzes. In the service setup and executive briefing phases, recommended courses will be defined for staff groups based on role and access to sensitive data. Staff progress through their recommended and optional modules will be tracked through management reporting.


The ongoing service includes monthly management and reporting, covering: 

  • Portal on-going maintenance
  • Management reporting
  • Employee statistics
  • Recommendations
  • Tailored training (additional cost)
As staff proceed through the training modules, totalCyber will work with the customer engagement team to ensure that the training is effective and that a process of continuous improvement is underway.